Free Photoshop Course for Beginners

Why do you need good Photoshop skills?

There are many reasons to learn Adobe Photoshop.

The main reason I have it is for YouTube thumbnails and to create shirt designs. I also use it to create my paperback book covers. I have a specialist design the cover for eBook and then I take that design and convert it to paperback. Why don’t I create my own? Book cover design is an art form on it’s own. All the experts say “Never design your own book cover.”

YouTube Thumnail for Revelavi

One of my thumbnails

There are exceptions, of course. If you goal is to make a cover for a giveaway, bonus, or the like, then you can design your own. I do those. I also have puzzle books for sale on Amazon and I design those covers. I’m referring to everything else, like fiction and non-fiction for sale on Amazon. Book cover design is more than just Photoshop skills. Type-setting and font knowledge come into play along with knowing color schemes and more. If you master those other skills, cover design is a lucrative business.

Free Photoshop course for beginners

For the beginner

When you’re just learning Photoshop, stick to the basics until you master them. Even just knowing the basics can make you some decent money on Merch by Amazon. Once you beef up those skills, you can start making covers for no-content books. Wait, didn’t I just say not to do your own covers? Yes. Exceptions! What are no-content books? Notebooks, journals, and the like.

You can also do low-content books with a little Microsoft PowerPoint knowledge. Some people use Word but I find PowerPoint much easier. Especially when you’re working with a few hundred pages! Low-content books are planners, guided journals, guest books, and the like.

These are a few of my designs on Amazon.


Irish Girl T Shirt with CloverIrish Girl T Shirt with CloverIrish Girl T Shirt with CloverStraight Outta Ireland Irish ShirtStraight Outta Ireland Irish ShirtStraight Outta Ireland Irish ShirtI'm Not Addicted to Coffee T-ShirtI’m Not Addicted to Coffee T-ShirtI'm Not Addicted to Coffee T-Shirt

When you can make your own designs, you don’t feel the need to copy others. The fastest way to lose your Amazon accounts is to copy other people’s designs. Never copy. You can base a design on something you see, but you can’t copy. Also, always check your phrases for trademarks before you upload. I use TM Hunt to do trademark checks. Use it for EVERY design with words.

The Free Photoshop Course

So now that you know a few ways to make money with Photoshop, let’s talk about the course. This is a course for beginners and it assumes you don’t know anything about Photoshop. If you haven’t heard, Adobe has made Photoshop affordable for everyone! With their CC versions, you can choose different software packages and they’re always up-to-date.

With Photoshop CC, you always have the current version.

I was using a very old version that Adobe gave away for free. Then I looked into the Cloud options and bought it. These are video lessons, so you can see what’s happening and follow along. The first lesson discusses those options.

The remaining lessons (20 in all) deal with the tools, fonts, shapes, images, and the all important layers.

Why Free?

When I started out, I was working with a $700 monthly budget. Total. That included my living expenses. I was dependent on free software, free tutorials, free everything. Quality rarely comes free, so I’m always grateful for the ones that are.

Now I have three websites, I hire cover designers, editors, and book promotion companies. I went from free software to paid versions. Although, I still use free software for some things. Audacity is awesome audio software and totally free.

But doesn’t hosting a course cost money?

Yes it does. That’s why I offer an advanced course too. I’m confident you’ll see the value of the free course and when you’re ready to discover more, you’ll come back for the advanced course.

You are never required to purchase anything, however. The free course will always be free and you can view it as much as you need. You will learn enough in the free course to get started making designs to sell.


Free Photoshop course for beginners

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