A List of 25 Prepper Items I’ve Reviewed

I put a lot of work into the posts and videos for these items and they only show up on a few posts. So most people don’t see most of the reviews. This post is here to fix that. I also made this post because I made a dedicated blog for prepper articles. I would have done it sooner, but I’m very busy writing and taking care of my 5 year old daughter. The new blog is Prepper Alcove. Check it out when you get a chance.

I’ve reviewed the top items on Amazon pertaining to preppers. The top sellers with the most positive reviews. I’ve done all the work for you. I know some people won’t agree with everything here, and that’s ok.

Most of these items you can put in your bug out bag and one of them is a bug out bag. Some are great for EDC. They aren’t listed in any particular order.

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The Big List of Prepper Items


Heirloom Seeds – Great for starting a food garden after the shtf.

Paracord Bracelet – Paracord comes in handy and this goes with you everywhere.

Mess Kit – These are very good and essential for a bug out bag.

Solar Shower – Who says bugging out has to be dirty?

Bug Out Bag – This tactical backpack is a beauty.

Food Bar – These are meal replacement bars. Don’t eat anything else with them.

Water Pouch – Long lasting, but still need to be rotated. These are for drinking.

Emergency Blankets – These are a must have and small enough to carry a few.

Personal Alarm – Scare the bag guys away with this alarm.

Tactical Gloves – Stylish and effective.

First Aid Kit – You’ll want more than one.

Water Filter – A must have and a hard worker.

Solar Flashlight – Never get caught without light.

Pouch Kits – Better than MRE’s. I’ve had both, it’s true.

Water Purification Tablets – These are another must have.

Pepper Spray – Self-defense, the non-lethal variety.

Solar Powered Radio with Hand Crank – Just like the flashlight, except you’ll never be without news.

Emergency Sleeping Bag – Can be used instead of or with an emergency blanket.

Spark Magnesium Fire Starter – Lights up fast.

The Pocket Chainsaw – Powered by elbow grease.

Sundome 4 Person Tent – Enough room for 4, but cozier for 2.

Survival Shack – Small, lightweight tent.

SWAT Tactical Pen – Very handy edc item.

TACT Bivvy Survival Sleeping Bag – These are great and small enough to keep everywhere.

Shemagh – They look cool and have many uses.

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